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SPIKE TEAM OHIO 1966-1967: FOB2, Kontum, RVN-MACV-SOG. One Zero (1-0_ MSG Richard J. "Dick" Meadows.

STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Huy, Wong A Cau, MSG Meadows, 1st Lt Le Minh, SFC James A Simpson?, SFC Charles N. "Chuck" Kerns, Can, and Dau

KNEELING: LEFT TO RIGHT: Lieu A Sang, Nguyen Kim Thach "Teddy", Nhuc, Ly A Duong.

Positions held by team members: Americans-MSG Meadows-One Zero; SFC Simpson-One-one; SFC Kerns-One two.

Vietnamese: Sang-Point Man; Can-Compass Man; Thach-Interpreter; Minh-ARVN; Huy-?; Can-Radio Man; Nhuc-?; Duong-Rear Man; Dau-Rear Man

(The identity of the 3rd American identified by Thach as ?Simpson? The assumption is made that this is SFC James A. Simpson, the only Simpson listed in Sherman's "Who's Who" that seems to fit the time period under the FOB2 section). Photo furnished by Joseph Parnar from Plaster's book and Team Members ID'ed by Nguyen Kim Thach, Team's Interpreter